The Hidden Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Program

Have you considered the effects of a poorly operating HVAC system has on your business?

Employees are most productive when they’re comfortable in their workspaces. Being too hot or too cold can be a distraction, making it difficult to focus and be effective in their jobs.

How about first impressions? When visitors enter your building, they will judge your operation by the comfort levels in the areas they visit.

Every building has unique HVAC requirements. If your contractor hasn’t taken the time to ask the questions to understand your unique needs, then how can they proactively address your building’s heating and cooling requirements to facilitate a productive environment?

A properly executed, proactive HVAC preventative maintenance program is designed to keep your systems running at peak performance and reduce unplanned stoppages to your heating and cooling needs. If done well, a proactive preventative maintenance program will also reduce costs by extending the lifecycle of each unit to help mitigate the sharp rise in HVAC equipment prices since the supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bachman’s makes sure to perform a thorough evaluation of your facility’s HVAC requirements, including its effect on the occupant’s daily job functions. Our seven decades of experience allow us to engage with our customers on the benefits of planned preventative maintenance done the right way and how the newest HVAC technologies can be utilized to enhance temperature control and energy savings for their facilities.

To make our proactive preventative maintenance programs a better value, we actively communicate with our clients! We are keenly aware that communication about what we do while in your building, how we did it, and what we saw is key to a successful business relationship. Our highly skilled technicians will engage with you about the current status of your mechanical systems to keep you fully aware of your facility’s HVAC performance measures.

To learn more about Bachman’s proactive HVAC Preventative Maintenance program for your facility, call us at (516) 943-5300.


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