Building Safety Month: The Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

The warmer temps and longer days have us all thinking about summertime, but here at Bachman’s, May brings us Building Safety Month and the importance of raising awareness that ensures safety in the spaces where we work, live, and learn.

Your HVAC System keeps your building comfortable all year long. With the high cost of replacement and shortage of A/C units and parts, keeping your system working properly should be a priority. You don’t want to the get to the hottest day of the summer and have you’re A/C stop blowing cold air.

HVAC units that are not well-maintained could cause several issues, jeopardizing the building’s safety. This is why preventative maintenance is crucial. Some maintenance plan benefits include:

  • Reliable Comfort: An inspection and tune-up reduce the risk of waking up to problems on the hottest (or coldest) days of the year.
  • Longer Service Life: You have a lot invested in your HVAC system. Maintenance of your unit can extend its useful service life by years.
  • Energy Savings: Poorly maintained HVAC units cost more to operate. A well-maintained unit runs at 95 percent of its original efficiency throughout its entire lifespan.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: When you maintain your unit, repairs are less frequent, so upkeep costs less.


If not properly maintained, your system can become a health hazard to workers, from electric hazards like faulty wiring to chemical dangers or respiratory issues. For these reasons, and so many others, it’s crucial to ensure that HVAC systems are the top priority when it comes to overall building maintenance.



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