Signs Your Facility’s HVAC System Requires Service

The recent drop in Tri-State temperatures should be a reminder that your building’s Heating systems will be running continuously from now until Spring. Is your Heating system prepared?

By this time, most commercial building facility professionals have proactively taken steps to inspect and certify that their Heating systems are ready. However, heat system startups are when many mechanical issues occur. If there’s a problem with a building’s Heating system, everyone in the building will quickly notice. Be aware of a few things that could cause Heating system failures that lead to uncomfortably cold room temperatures, including;

  • Boilers: A Hot Water Heating system depends on are proper water temperature produced by the boiler and the proper flow rates of hot water moving through the pipe system by circulation pumps.  Pipes and tubing around the boiler can become clogged, creating an insulating layer within the pipes that radiates less heat. 
  • Air Flow: The building’s Air Handling Unit is responsible for the flow of air through the ductwork system to the areas to be heated. Clogged filters or poorly running or broken air supply fans will quickly reduce or stop warm air from moving through the ductwork.
  • Controls:  If you find that some rooms are cold while others on the same floor are cold, it could be problems with your Building Automation Controls (BAS). A BAS controls technician will need to determine if it’s a software, or a hardware (parts) issue to recommend a fix for the problem.
  • Safety Check: Failing Heat Exchangers in Rooftop HVAC units. If an RTU’s Heat Exchanger metal tube has begun to degrade, CO2 gases can escape and mixed with the hot air blown into the ductwork, then into occupied spaces to breathe.

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