National HVAC Tech Day 2022: Recognizing Our Tech’s

National HVAC Tech Day, June 22, 2022, is dedicated to HVAC technicians working to restore comfort in buildings and commercial offices. HVAC technicians work to keep heating and cooling systems up to date, with the right equipment and maintenance. These technicians work to save energy and reduce carbon footprints.

At Bachman’s, we recognize and thank our techs every day, but we especially love when our clients do as well. Check out these kind words from one of our valued clients about our service tech Andrew Launder.

“Your/Our Technician Andrew Launder has been impressive. I like his professionalism. He understands how to prioritize. He checks in if needed and provides options. Seems to understand that when he arrives for a specific task, is not uncommon that 3 or 4 other issues become known. This happened today and he just rolled with it as a professional does. Adding it to the list. Thanks for the help.”


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