Multi-layered COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

The Pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the business landscape overnight. How can I get my employees and customers comfortable that they’re safe in our buildings again? How can I make my facility as safe as possible?

For most it is a multi-layered approach that incorporates following CDC guidelines, enhanced cleaning, and finding ways to improve the IAQ of your facility.

You may have questions or are getting questions from your management teams particular to your HVAC systems on topics such as:

  •  NPBI – Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization Air Purification
  •  Filters – MERV Level and Change Frequency
  •  HVAC System Preventive Maintenance
  •  IAQ – Indoor Air Quality


This is an area where we can be of value to you as a trusted resource for you around these and other issues. You can count on us for experienced, effective, and trustworthy advice and solutions.

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