Keep Your HVAC Systems Maintained In Time For Cold Weather

With the fall season in full swing, that means cold winter weather is right around the corner. Business owners will need to begin inspecting their HVAC equipment to make sure the systems will run properly in the cold temperatures. Now that employees, students, etc., have returned to buildings, it’s important to make sure all HVAC systems are running properly with everyone indoors, especially with freezing temperatures outside.

Below are a few ways to prepare your HVAC systems for the cold weather and to fight against the Delta Variant.

  1.  Proactive preventive maintenance on HVAC systems will identify small issues before they become large issues. Having this maintenance performed in advance, can protect your building’s HVAC systems from freezing when the colder weather arrives.
  2. Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) NPBI (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization), is a technology that is fast, effective, and safe against odors, gases, particles, and pathogens. This is ever more important with COVID-19 and the Delta Variant as more people will be inside buildings.
  3. Evaluate the heating systems and check your thermostats temperature to ensure all systems are running correctly and effectively.


Proactively preparing your HVAC systems for the cold weather is so important. It’s even more important now with the threat of being inside with the Delta Variant spreading quickly. Make sure to keep the above information in mind before the cold weather officially arrives.


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