How to Save Money on Your HVAC Systems Amidst Rising Gas Prices

Over the last few months, natural gas prices have surged causing winter heating bills to be larger than expected. According to ACHR News, propane costs are expected to increase more than 50%, natural gas, 30%, and even electricity is expected to rise between 5-10%. Energy costs represent a large portion of building expenses. According to Chain Store Age, commonly used HVAC systems account for approximately 40% of the energy used in commercial buildings. In order to mitigate the increased energy costs, it is important to ensure that the HVAC systems within buildings are working as efficiently as possible.

Proactive Routine Maintenance:

When is the last time you had your HVAC systems evaluated? It’s extremely important (especially with the cold weather), to have your HVAC systems checked out to ensure it is running smoothly. Preventive maintenance on building HVAC systems is a time-tested, proven practice to minimize repair costs – by continually maintaining your HVAC system, you’ll save money in the long run.

Upgrading to New HVAC Technology:

Installing Global Plasma Solutions® (GPS) NPBI (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization) technology on existing HVAC systems not only increases air quality but can also assist in saving money. This new technology is a fast, effective, and safe technique against odors, gases, particles, and pathogens. When using NPBI technology, the performance of your system will be enhanced, avoiding the increased ongoing cost and need for additional equipment.

Shift to Smart Energy and Building Solutions:

It’s important to focus on green building practices as well as having a familiarity with green requirements and processes. A few energy solutions include but are not limited to, reducing operating costs, building benchmarking energy costs, managing capital expenditures, and decreasing carbon footprint. These are important especially with the rise in gas prices and saving money on your HVAC systems. Making the initially switch can be expensive but over time the cost savings and overall benefits of these solutions make them a smart investment in the future.

Here at Bachman’s, our goal with our customers is to reduce their owning and operating costs while ensuring their buildings are energy-efficient, safe, and sustainable. Bachman’s is here to help and can perform and provide additional information on the above tips. Please contact us today at 513.943.5300.


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