Sustainability Retrofits are More Affordable than Preceived

Facilities professionals often choose not to invest in energy-efficiency upgrades because of high perceived upfront costs. But if you’re armed with the right information, you’ll see that energy savings, rebates, and incentives can make funding a green retrofit project more realistic.

According to a UCLA survey, first-year average savings for lighting upgrades, which could be anything from installing lighting controls to converting an entire building’s lighting system to LEDs, are approximately $200,000. In addition, lighting retrofits could yield around a 45% ROI in just two years. First-year average savings for a HVAC retrofit, which can range from installing continuous environmental management systems to replacing individual components of a system, are approximately $200,000. Large commercial buildings could cut HVAC costs by up to 25% to 35% by adding certain retrofits to existing large HVAC systems.

Rebates and incentive could cover up to 50% of installation costs, making lighting and HVAC retrofit much more affordable than once believed. Contact Bachman’s, Inc. to discuss your energy and operational goals and decide which upgrades will provide the most ROI for your facility. Read more on the comparison of energy-efficiency upgrades, here.
Newsletter, February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 10