Proper Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance is a Summertime Essential

Rooftop Air Conditioning Units can really take a beating throughout the year.

Being located at a building’s highest point usually leaves them open and vulnerable to the elements, allowing them to be pummeled by rain and hail during the spring, summer and fall months, and winter snow. These tough environmental factors make maintenance even more vital for rooftop air conditioning units, especially during the sweltering summer months, when they tend to see high workloads.

There are several things that need done to ensure your rooftop air conditioning units run at peak performance. As part of a preventive maintenance program from Bachman’s Inc., technicians can make sure condenser and evaporator coils, drains and filters are kept clean, electrical connections are tight and effective, and that the unit’s temperature and pressure levels are functioning properly.

A proper maintenance program can help ensure your buildings’ rooftop air conditioning unit is functioning properly throughout the season. What else we are seeing in the industry is equipment not being sealed properly on the roofs therefore causing leaks in the ceiling.