Preparing for the Season Ahead

Have you scheduled seasonal HVAC maintenance for your facility’s equipment? To prevent possible equipment failure, a proactive and preventive maintenance program is a must.

Last month, we discussed the importance of having the condenser coils cleaned on your facility’s HVAC units. This vital service should be part of a thorough evaluation to ensure your air conditioning units are ready to handle the demands of the coming cooling season. While air filters aren’t challenging to replace and do not usually require a certified HVAC technician, seasonal maintenance also includes a complete visual, electrical, and operational inspection of your equipment that is best left to a professional. An assessment should be made to ensure your AC units’ refrigerant is at the correct level, compressors and fans are functioning properly, and belts aren’t worn and are at the proper tension.

Preparing ahead and scheduling seasonal maintenance for your HVAC equipment can help to ensure uninterrupted performance and reduced operating costs in the warmer months ahead. In addition, taking advantage of a guaranteed preventive maintenance program can help to avoid unexpected expenses related to your HVAC equipment. Contact Bachman’s, Inc. for a complete overview of our preventive maintenance programs.