Playing The Percentages & Winning

The HVAC industry is influenced heavily by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers). Their detailed research into how mechanical systems impact the use of Energy, drives changes in the design and manufacturing of HVAC technology. Today, new designs in HVAC/R use much less energy and are more environmentally friendly, due in part to ASHRAE’s recommendations.

ASHRAE’s research has also made an impact on how to properly plan and execute the maintenance of your HVAC systems to realize maximum operating efficiencies and extended equipment life cycles that will ultimately lower your cost of ownership. Taking advantage of their recommendations will lower your annual operating costs and improve the Indoor Air Quality of your building.
How much PM activity should your contractor provide you to assure you are getting a solid PM program? ASHRAE has a formula for that! For example, if a facility has 5 rooftop units with an overall replacement value of $100,000.00. ASHRAE research has established a calculator of 3-6% of your equipment’s value would generate enough PM hours to properly test, measure, inspect, and make necessary proactive repairs to your equipment. In this example, a PM contract of $6,000 a year would ensure your contractor has enough time to do the correct amount of preventative maintenance to reduce failure rates and extend the lifecycle of the equipment.
No one will do more work than what you pay them to do. Is your HVAC contractor putting in the time (6% of your value) needed to do all the recommended PM procedures; or did they “earn” your business with the lowest cost from the least amount of time factored in?
Understanding your HVAC/R equipment’s value, life expectancy, and annual operating costs will help you properly plan and budget this annual line item expense. A Bachman’s System Analysis can answer those questions and more to help you operate more efficiently today, and manage your costs into the future.
If you would like a custom HVAC Systems Analysis for your facility, just give us a call at (513) 943-5300. The analysis is at no charge, and a great way to uncover thousands of potential