Minimizing Risk: Incorporating A Sound Business Principle To Reduce HVAC Costs

Business leaders understand that by analyzing potential risks and implementing measures that control and minimize those risks, they will ultimately reduce their cost of goods and services and maximize profits. Why not apply this proven business principle to the ownership and operation of your HVAC systems as well?

Although your organization may be paying an annual fee for preventative maintenance, you are still on the hook for 100% of any additional services, parts, overtime, etc. One hundred percent responsibility for unplanned HVAC service calls and repairs is not a good risk management strategy if there are better options available. Agree?
“We found part ABC has gone bad and it needs to be replaced. We can take care of it for $450. Do you want us to go ahead and take care of it for you?” Does this sound like your contractor’s solution to your maintenance plan? You can say yes, or wait and call out for bids; but is that making the best use of time and resources? We call this approach “Reactive” or being forced into making unplanned decisions that will affect your bottom line. Why not shift the risk, and the costs to the HVAC contractor instead?
A “Proactive” preventative maintenance agreement eliminates 100% your financial risks for unplanned services and premature equipment failures. A Proactive agreement places all the financial responsibility for services and repairs on the contractor. Companies with Proactive maintenance agreements are never asked to approve quotes to fix anything because it’s agreed that the contractor signed up to take care of all mechanical issues and all subsequent costs- including replacing a unit that fails under their care.
Have you analyzed your HVAC systems operation for risk mitigation? Are you prepared for the next major repair or unplanned equipment replacement in your current budget? Bachman’s pioneered the all-inclusive Guaranteed Maintenance agreement in 1955. It is 100% “Proactive” and assumes 100% of the costs to keep your HVAC systems running at peak efficiency. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually know to the penny, what your annual HVAC operational budget will be this year?