Maintenance and Insulation’s Effect on Indoor Air Quality

Gaps or damage to your building’s HVAC ductwork insulation may be keeping your HVAC system from running at its peak performance.
Installing insulation on the outside of ductwork serves several purposes – it helps your system respond to environmental changes and reduces heat loss or gain, and controls condensation while the systems is operating. It also serves as a sound dampener, keeping any potential noises from the HVAC unit at bay.

Improperly installed or missing insulation can lead to problems throughout your HVAC system and ductwork, and building. When duct insulation is missing or improperly installed, condensation can gather and cause leaks, keeping your HVAC system from working efficiently, driving up utility costs. It can also cause leaks in ceilings and walls, or even lead to an infestation of mold.

A regular inspection of ductwork and its insulation can help make sure it properly and effectively installed, keeping your system running efficiently, which helps control energy costs.