July Service Inspections Reveal System Performance Issues

Commercial HVAC companies like to talk about how much attention they give your equipment during the spring start-up PM cycle. Major components are checked, the coils are cleaned*, filters and belts changed. All this to make sure that on that 1st hot day that calls for air conditioning, the system will work without failure. These are all good maintenance practices and recommended by your equipment’s manufacturer.

Now that July temperatures have kicked in, the test on how well your equipment is performing should take place now. Now is what most service providers call the “minor” inspection. While the number of scheduled PM tasks are fewer, the “minor” inspection will reveal how your system is holding up under the toughest workload conditions. At Bachman’s, we like to compare it to a heart patient on a treadmill when the incline is increased and the heart really has to work. A different scenario than a casual stroll down the street!

If your preventative maintenance contract includes just 2 (two) major inspections in an effort to save money, you may end up spending a lot more in repairs and major component replacement costs. To learn more about the effects of hot weather on your HVAC systems, give us a call @ 513-943-5300 or visit www.bachmansinc.com for more.

*Bachman’s takes the time to properly clean condenser coils- from the inside-out. The practice of simply spraying a solvent on the outside and washing the solvent off, leaves much of the inside untouched and unable to perform its function efficiently. It takes us a little longer, but the long term results save our customers both on energy and repair costs.