Humidity Control: Areas of Improvement In Your Office Environment

Building operators are often confronted with complaints about the temperature levels in various areas of their facilities. The comfort of occupants is critical to maintain high levels of productivity. As the temperature rises in Greater Cincinnati, so does the humidity levels both inside and outside your building.

If your building has a history of higher than normal humidity levels, there are a number of factors that could be contributing. Factors such as building pressurization, lack of outside air controls, and the performance of exhaust fans can be the cause of higher humidity levels in your facility.
For example, a building with a negative pressure will bring in more outside air than normal through doors, windows, and various other openings in your building. Improperly sized HVAC units will also contribute to higher humidity levels. Without the proper amount of engineered coils, too much air flowing across the coil will cause a saturation of the air moving through the system.
The good news is that these issues are correctable. A complete analysis of your system will provide the needed data to resolve your Indoor Air Quality issues. If you would like an Indoor Air Quality analysis for your facility, just give us a call at (513) 943-5300. The analysis is at no charge, and a great way to increase occupant satisfaction and increase productivity for your business.
For more information on this subject, please see:
ASHRAE 55-1992 “Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.”
ANSI/ASHRAE 62-1999 “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.”