Is A Great Value Difficult To Recognize?

What if the best steak restaurant in the city offered you unlimited visits, anything from the menu and bar, and tips included for $250/month; would that be a good value? Depends on whether you have ever tried paying the tab after a night out at a great steak restaurant. For those of us who have tried, $250/month for unlimited access to the restaurant would be fantastic! What if you could have a luxury car lease for $300/month with unlimited miles that promised a new model every 2 years without a price change; would you do it? Most likely.

What if you could have an HVAC service plan that was set up to cover every expense you could possibly incur- including new equipment replacement when needed, and you could have that at fixed cost that would not go up so that you simply make the same monthly payment to get all that; would you do that? Well, you can have that with Bachman’s.
Your Accounts Payable system is full of unexpected invoice payments to your HVAC service provider. That’s because neither you, or they can predict when your equipment will need an unplanned service call and the parts needed to complete the repair. How much have you spent on HVAC besides your PM agreement? A Guaranteed Maintenance Agreement from Bachman’s removes 100% of your financial liability for any service instance that now, you are paying for.
So the question now is; if you are not taking advantage of a Bachman’s Guaranteed Maintenance Agreement now, how much will you spend over the next 12 months on your HVAC system maintenance?
If you would like to learn more about Guaranteed Maintenance programs from Bachman’s, give us a call @ 513-943-5300.