You Get What You Pay For

The phrase “you get what you pay for” might be more than a bit cliche but perhaps no other combination of words more aptly describes the fate of many lowest-bid maintenance contracts in today’s commercial buildings industry. Is the lowest bid process still a way of life at your building?

Utilizing a “lowest bid” approach results in a D-I-S-C-O-N-N-E-C-T between price and service delivered. Too often, the lowest bid does not match the best value for your dollar. Many service providers provide bid responses without ever visiting or touring the building. In this case, bid quotes are prepared using the scope of work provided by the facilities team vs. preparing a personalized plan designed specifically for maintaining your building. Price is important, however it shouldn’t be the deciding factor

During this Spring season, when you are reviewing and bidding upcoming maintenance or cleaning projects, be sure to make your service provider part of your team and help you design a personalized approach to address your needs. Include an outline of the project’s objectives, and establish some budget parameters for the prospective service provider to work with in completing the project.

When reviewing bidders’ responses to your RFPs, be sure to look at the overall responsiveness of the prospective service provider to the RFP. Don’t look simply for price. Does it contain information on the service provider’s experience, qualifications, and current references? Do you know who will be responsible and personally overseeing your project until its successful completion? The successful bidder should do an outstanding job putting together a package telling you how good they are and why you should place your confidence in their services. Some RFPs even go as far as providing you with sample potential issues which may arise during the contract term, affecting how service providers will deliver their service. They’re looking to see how the service provider would address and manage these issues. If “all of the above” can be provided to you during the RFP process, then the best service provider will surface among the crowd, validating their ability to provide the best service EQUAL to the value that’s on your books.

Join the movement…..and help bring value back as THE way of life.