Bachman’s Inc. has been fortunate to provide design/build construction for hundreds of buildings in the tri-state area. We have worked with dozens of general contractors and owners. We can engineer and design as small as 1,000 sq. ft. and as large as 500,000 sq. ft. buildings. We have designed chilled water, hot water, VAV systems, constant volume, and process systems.

In addition, we have designed and built Fortune 500 headquarter office buildings, manufacturing, industrial, power plants, retail, restaurants, medical facilities, pharmaceuticals, churches, and schools.

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Energy Savings

Effective maintenance can cut your system’s energy consumption 10-30% per year. Clean and calibrated equipment runs more efficiently, using less energy in the process! We evaluate and calibrate your equipment to provide the most energy efficient system.


Service Expertise

Whether it is designing a maintenance solution, modernizing an aging system, or designing a new system, our professional team is ready to offer the highest level of service available. Bachman’s Inc. received the Better Business Bureau Torch award for ethics.

Proactive Maintenance

Our approach is a very thorough, professional proactive maintenance program, ensuring that your heating and air conditioning systems don’t fail in the first place. All of our customer’s equipment is tasked for the proper maintenance.