3.5 Years and Counting….

By now, you have probably tuned out the conversation on environmentally- friendly refrigerants replacing the popular R-22 refrigerant. So why are we writing about this again? Budgeting!
The “famous” Montreal Protocol edict from the late ’90’s that our Environmental Protection Agency adopted states that by the year 2020, production of R-22 refrigerant in the US will cease and that the amount of the product allowed in from other countries will be minimal. While there are technical aspects to this law, it also means the potential for skyrocketing costs of the R-22 product from this point forward.

As a commercial maintenance provider, we repair refrigerant leaks all the time. If the unit is older and is running with R-22 refrigerant, we are able to make the repair and replace the missing gas at a cost similar to costs of 2-3 years ago. When our suppliers of R-22 start to realize there is less of it, our prices to simply purchase it will rise quickly. The typical repair and replace invoice could dramatically increase. This scenario will play out and will affect your operating budget for HVAC maintenance.
What can you do? ASHRAE says that a controllable cost for businesses is the annualized cost of your HVAC equipment. If you have equipment that operates with R-22 refrigerant, ASHRAE recommends you start annualizing in your budget, the replacement costs of those units. Bachman’s uses this ASHRAE formula to assist building owners and operators with the correct amount they should budget to avoid any surprises in maintenance or equipment replacement cost on equipment that has finally reached its useful lifecycle.
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